NW.labs is an innovation R&D space powered by NeuronicWorks.

We facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration with a purpose to innovate and experiment with new technologies in order to create human-centric products and experiences.

NW.labs is a collaborative design lab within NeuronicWorks with a mission of helping established companies and brands integrate wearable tech into their product offerings. We provide a unique opportunity to experiment with emerging-tech in a risk-free way. We will work with you to unleash your product’s potential, enabling you to lead and innovate in your marketplace.

Our Collaborative Process


We identify big-impact technical and commercial opportunities in your industry.


We envision and design product solutions for the emerging future.


We develop and test product prototypes.


We bring prototypes to market.

NW.labs is a place where different expertise meets to create value and change.

Our Focus

NW.labs’ focus is on the research and development of smart and connected, customer-centric products. Wearables are at the heart of what we do – we firmly believe in their ability to improve lives and create fulfilling experiences for the end users. From fashion to fitness, healthcare to security - many industries are primed for disruption via innovation.
We want to enable established brands to innovate and develop new products and experiences by implementing concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Body (IoB) through the partnership with NW.labs.

Become our partner

We want to help you to lead innovation in your industry and to experiment with emerging technology and concepts in a safe manner. Together we can develop new generation of products that are scalable and create a positive change.

Benefits of Partnership

Evolve your products
and meet the future head-on by positioning your brand as a leader in innovation.
Create Marketing opportunity
and reap the benefits of media coverage of innovative projects.
Expand your customer base
by identifying new markets and solutions through a collaborative co-design process.

If you want to explore the possibility of tech integrations in your product, let us know!


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