BGA Rework Station

BGA rework machine is used to repair/rework or replace complex components on SMT processed printed circuit board assembly. It allows to reflow certain location without affecting nearby components.

While some situations call for manual rework by specialists, the rework of complex components such as BGAs is best accomplished by BGA rework systems that offer flexible desoldering, placement and resoldering of SMT components accurately and efficiently.

At NeuronicWorks, the type of components we can rework include BGA, LGA, leadless components with exposed pad (UFDFN, VFDFN, WFDFN, VFQFN, TFQFN, WFQFN, LFCSP-UD, WLCSP, XFBGA) DFN, QFN, and all other complex components.

Some of the defects that can be corrected by our highly skilled IPC- Certified technicians using our advanced BGA rework station are installation and removal of SMT and PTH components, BGA component removal, replacement and salvage, among others.


  • PCB size in mm: up to 380 x 300 mm (+x)
  • Component size in mm: from 1 x 1 up to 50 x 50 mm
  • Placement camera: 5 MP GigE color camera, field of view 50 x 50 mm for placement and process monitoring
  • Usable working distance (typ.):60 mm to top heater, 35 mm to bottom heater
  • Components positioning by laser
  • 900 W Hybrid high-performance heating element
  • Full-area 1,600 W IR underheater

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