X-ray Component Counting

NeuronicWorks offers X-ray component counting services for reels, bars, trace, cut tape and loose components. Counting components is a critical part of components inventory management and our service will help you stay on top of your changing stock, giving you an accurate baseline.

NeuronicWorks offers an intelligent, simple, X-ray component counter to accurately measure material consumption by quick counting of SMT components (Four 7” SMD-Reels in < 11 Seconds). The counting results are in a ready-to-print format showing date and quantity, in a readable form, as well as quantity in a 2D barcode form. We can also deliver the counting results of the entire batch in a spreadsheet format, provided inventory part numbers are available on each part.

Our X-ray counter assures an increased control of your stock resulting in several advantages including higher production efficiency, decreased labor costs, reduced number of changeovers, reduced stock overhead, and just-in-time delivery strategy.

X-ray Component Counting:

  • Automatic Barcode recognition
  • Detects odd shapes
  • Detection and rejection of splices
  • 8.5 - 11 sec cycle time
  • Mean accuracy 99.9%
  • Scan reels in moisture or ESD packaging (No need to remove from packaging)
  • Coverage of small component types like 0201

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