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Carbon Emission Reduction Technology.

HydraGEN2™ is a recipient of Top Gold Award in 2018 Edison Award for Vehicle Advancements. It is a portable, safe and reliable aftermarket unit that produces hydrogen and oxygen on demand. It is designed for on-road applications with class 6-8 engines by DynaCert, a Canadian company. With its patent-pending delivery method, DynaCert Technology is centered around providing hydrogen-oxygen mixture, generated on demand through electrolysis, for combustion engines.

Our Contribution.

NeuronicWorks was presented with the task to design the second generation of HydraGEN™ unit which allows to automate the process of hydrogen-oxygen mixture delivery as well as process data collection. Our team helped with the system design, developed a compact hardware unit, and designed the real time running firmware as well as the cloud repository data-base.