NeuronicWorks Partners with NXM Labs to enhance security solutions across IoT product development process

Toronto, Ontario, May 25th, 2022

NeuronicWorks, Inc., a leading engineering and technology design firm, today announced a new partnership with NXM Labs, Inc., a leader in Autonomous Security technology for connected devices that enables scalable security solutions for IoT device design and development.

As IoT technology advances across diversified applications such as intelligent sensing, smart health, transportation controls, payment terminals, connected devices in general are at an increased information security risk. It is critical for all elements of an IoT system to securely connect, authenticate and communicate while ensuring privacy and preventing cybersecurity attacks. In terms of IoT end-point product design, security should be implemented right from the beginning, at all layers of the system from hardware and operating system to firmware and application layer.

NXM offers an easy-to-use platform that speeds up embedded development, capable of securing an entire IoT solution. NXM solutions complement and augments NeuronicWorks’ product design and development services by providing IoT security capabilities that are both chip and cloud agnostic. NXM’s PSA certification and UL component qualification framework also offers a fast-track to security verification and certification for IoT products.

“This partnership accentuates our complementary strengths to deliver secure, scalable, and efficient IoT devices that are ready for the future. As the world continues to shrink and increased connectivity becomes the order of the day, it is imperative to adopt technologies that will make our devices not just smarter, but safer and we aim to achieve this through our partnership.” said Titu Botos, CEO of NeuronicWorks.

“Our partnership allows us to leverage each company’s leading-edge strengths in IoT Design and IoT Security to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of security enabled chips now entering the market. This makes NeuronicWorks and NXM the go-to team for building best-in-class IoT solutions for the home, commercial, and industrial sectors that operate securely in zero-trust environments with zero-touch capabilities.” said Andrew Opala, NXM Labs’ CEO.

More information about NeuronicWorks’ network of industry partnerships can be found here. If you would like to know more about this partnership, please reach us at

About NXM

NXM is the leader in Autonomous Security software solutions for embedded devices. NXM offers the industry’s first true Zero-Trust 2.0 / Zero-Touch security platform for connected products, streamlining and automating security management throughout the entire device supply chain and product lifecycle. For more information please visit

About NeuronicWorks

NeuronicWorks is one of the top design engineering and manufacturing houses in the heart of Canada’s leading tech community. We focus our efforts in helping companies develop innovative engineering solutions for their businesses and new products that reflect the realities and future of technological progress. By combining our professional experience with the ability to analyze, design and implement a wide range of advanced electronic systems (embedded and/or standalone) for both hardware and software, our team has the energy and wisdom to design and manufacture products for today’s technical challenges and for tomorrow’s market reality. With a diverse team of over 60 designers and engineers, with a wide range of expertise in innovative technologies, design, and product development, we work on all phases of electronic product development, from initial concept design to manufacturing and certification. NeuronicWorks is committed to continue advancing the industry and partnering with leading companies to provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers. To learn more about our industry partnerships and how they benefit our customers click here.

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