In order for electronic products to successfully enter into a market, they must meet minimum compliance standards as mandated by the regulatory authorities of the country the product is being exported to.

Certification of electronic devices requires incorporating specific design elements throughout the hardware, software, mechanics, RF and other systems.

Incorporating these design features from the first iteration of the device can reduce setbacks and can allow for an early assessment of performance and a high level of confidence in the product before the certification process.

Qualification and

There are different types of electronic product certifications such as FCC requirements for electronic products in North America, ISED for Canada, CE standards for electronic products in Europe, PTCRB network carrier certification for North America, Bluetooth SIG for global market, RoHS for global market, UL safety standard for North America among others.

We at NeuronicWorks have the experience and expertise to determine the certification standards your product require, and we design with that in mind. We ensure the design of the product meets certification standards and will guide you to prepare for, apply and obtain the necessary certifications and approvals. With years of experience and success, we can help you integrate certification into your product lifecycle no matter where you are in the process.

Preparing for Certification: Product Design
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Planning for safety and regulatory compliance should start from the concept stage of product development. The sooner it is considered, the lesser pain, additional expenses and delays the project will go through. We have years of experience supporting our clients with their qualification and certification requirements. This includes:

Common certification requirements

Emissions Regulatory Certifications

  • ISED, FCC, EMC Directive

CE Marking Support

  • RoHS directive, WEEE regulation, Low Voltage directive, EMC Directive, etc.

Wireless Industry certifications

  • BT-SIG, PTCRB etc.

Cellular carrier certifications

  • Rogers, AT&T, Verizon, Bell, etc.

Safety Certifications

  • CSA, UL, NRTL, IECEx, etc.


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