Time Line

Businesses relying on 2G and 3G connectivity are challenged by the evolution of wireless communication networks. Support for 2G is already shutting down and carriers are announcing 3G shutdowns in the coming years. Migration strategies are necessary to ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition to 4G LTE connectivity.

At NeuronicWorks, we recognize the challenge of keeping up with the fast pace of changing technologies. We have the solution to help you easily migrate to 4G LTE while preserving your legacy system.

What can we do for you?

We help companies transition seamlessly from 2G and 3G connectivity to 4G LTE. With our help you will be able to upgrade the cellular modem in your existing legacy system with next-generation technologies without the need of redesigning your system.

Our fully certified and carrier-approved products easily integrate into your existing applications, without disrupting your operations.

What makes us different?

We offer an easy, cost-effective migration to the latest technologies for businesses with legacy systems. You will save on the large cost of acquiring, testing and integrating a new system while extending the life of your current equipment.

Our expertise with hardware and firmware design allows us to have your system running promptly.

Upgrade Process

Our Solutions

We developed cost-effective and reliable solutions to upgrade your legacy systems from 2G/3G connectivity to 4G LTE.

Are you using a strong, reliable and fully functional system but have not found any cost-effective solution to upgrade to 4G LTE? Let us help you migrate and keep your operations running smoothly.

Stay ahead of the 2G/3G Sunset!

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