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NeuronicWorks Inc. is an engineering design company based in Toronto, Canada that offers custom product development services. We provide end-to-end design services in the areas of: system level design, industrial design, hardware design, and embedded firmware and software development for visionary entrepreneurs seeking to create a reliable product while keeping the process cost-effective. We offer complete product development and prototyping services for your custom electronic product. From concept to production, we use design for manufacturing methodologies to build state-of-the art electronic systems that meet the increasing demands of today’s technological world. We are your one-stop-shop for tech product development.

We seek to inspire innovation.

Learning is a continuous journey and we love to grow by bringing up those around us. Some of the latest concepts in technology that may inspire you create something revolutionary:


Imagine charging your phone without having to plug it in. Well it's possible! Wireless power transfer allows energy to be transmitted through induction, meaning you can charge a device wirelessly. Add this feature to your next project, we'll be glad to make it happen. Contact us today!


Starting off as the concept of communication from machine to machine (M2M) for the purpose of monitoring or control, the concept has evolved and become much grander.

As an increasing number of network connected smart devices are added to the market, they create a web that is known as the Internet of Things. Do you have an IoT related idea? Let us know!

"What a team! Your dedication, hard work, enthusiasm and never quit attitude are amazing. We are ecstatic to have you as our R&D partners and look to you as our very own Engineering Division. NeuronicWorks you are second to none."

-Michael G Stanfield, IFTECH Founder

Our Code.

If you are seeking to have a reliable production-ready product designed and built to your specifications in the timeliest and most cost-effective method possible, look no further!