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Custom Electronic Product Development

At NeuronicWorks, we build custom electronics and software for entrepreneurs with a vision. Our team of engineers will help you develop your custom electronic and software product end-to-end, turning your idea into reality.

We are the experts in custom electronic hardware design, embedded firmware, software development, web app design, mobile app design, branding, industrial design, prototyping, and manufacturing. By leaving the design to us, you can focus on other aspects of your product launch.


a wearable personal security device


a wearable personal security device

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Digitally enhanced board gaming platform

The Hexle: Digitally enhanced board gaming platform

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Recreational Electronic Chest Guard

Armor 20/20: Recreational Electronic Chest Guard

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Carbon Emission Reduction Technology

HydraGen 2: Carbon Emission Reduction Technology

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a wearable mobility tool

iMerciv: a wearable mobility tool

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innovation is our specialty

We grow by bringing up those around us. Entrepreneurs that work with us are inspired by our technologies and in turn we’re inspired by them! Here are just a few of our specialties that you can use to create something truly revolutionary:

Wireless Charging

Have you ever wished you could charge your phone without having to plug it? Using transduction, it is now possible! Wireless power transfer allows energy to be transmitted through induction, meaning you can charge virtually any device wirelessly. Adding this feature to your next project is a great way to ensure your product is current.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The original concept of IoT was to allow machine-to-machine (M2M) communication for the purposes of monitoring or controlling. Since then, IoT has evolved and become much grander. As an increasing number of network connected smart devices are added to the market, they create a web that is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Do you have an IoT related idea? Let us know!

Internet of Bodies (IoB)

Current wearable technology entering the market are now part of an IoT web. With this evolution, the purpose for wearables is expanding into an entirely new category we like to call the “Internet of Bodies” (IoB).

success stories

You’re a visionary entrepreneur wanting to create a high-quality product, while keeping the process cost-effective. The NeuronicWorks team can help you be successful in the development and prototyping stages of your custom electronic product. We’re dedicated to helping you tackle today’s technical challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s market reality. Here's what just a few of our clients have had to say about us:

Client Testimonials

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"What a team! Your dedication, hard work, enthusiasm and never quit attitude are amazing. We are ecstatic to have you as our R&D partners and look to you as our very own Engineering Division. NeuronicWorks you are second to none."

-Michael G Stanfield, IFTECH Founder

"Each member of the NeuronicWorks team demonstrates a high level of skill in his/her respective field yet despite your diversity our projects are executed with exceptional cohesion. It is inspiring to work alongside such a diligent and effective yet easy-going and patient team. Thank you for your humility, quality of work and attention to detail."

-OBJEX Unlimited

"It is impossible to put a dollar value on creativity, ingenuity, dedication and forward thinking, to me they are priceless. However, those attributes and more, are coded into NeuronicWorks DNA. There is no scape from them when working with NeuronicWorks. It is a very rare experience to ask their team for something and not end up with a deliverable of much more than you asked for."

-Shahram Salimi, Armstrong Fluid Technologies

"I would highly recommend for their professionalism, creativity and for their very pragmatic, client centered mode of business. They helped us deliver a product and even exceeded our customer’s expectations. "

- Walter Pilar, Varilume President

"My experience with NeuronicWorks has been very positive. We contracted them to work on a critical and very time sensitive project. Titu and his team stepped up to the challenge and delivered the project within the committed timeline. Throughout the entire project, Titu and his team were very professional, transparent and demonstrated a great deal of commitment."

-David Bridge, Dynacert CTO

If you are seeking a reliable product designed and built to your specifications in the timeliest and most cost-effective method possible, look no further!

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