X-ray Inspection Service

NeuronicWorks offers 3D X-Ray Inspection services for high-quality 3D X-ray inspection in printed circuit board assembly.

Some of the issues that can be detected include lifted lead, missing components, misaligned/misplaced components, solder bridges, insufficient solder, solder voids, excess solder, BGA shorts, improper reflow soldering and more. In addition to detecting issues in the PCB Assembly, the X-ray reports and helps our manufacturing team to determine the root cause of a given defect.

The type of components we can inspect include BGA, LGA, leadless components with exposed pad (UFDFN, VFDFN, WFDFN, VFQFN, TFQFN, WFQFN, LFCSP-UD, WLCSP, XFBGA) DFN, QFN, and all other complex components.



  • Feature recognition: 0.95 µm
  • Resolution: 1.4MP
  • Frame Rate: 10fps
  • Inspection area: 510 x 445mm (20 x17.5”)
  • Geometric Magnification: 2000x
  • Total Magnification: 7500x
  • Oblique Angle View: 2x70° - No sample rotation required

At NeuronicWorks, we have the NORDSON DAGE Quadra 3 X-ray inspection system which is specifically designed for high-quality X-ray inspection in printed circuit board assembly production applications. Delivering uninterrupted operation at 0.95µm, the system is suitable for detecting a wide range of manufacturing defects including BGA, QFN and IGBT attachment, PTH filling, interfacial voiding, component cracking and counterfeit devices screening.

We provide quick turnaround X-ray inspection services to customers while they wait at our facility or work together with our team. The boards can also be shipped to us directly for this service.

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