NW-4G LTE Modem

Rise above the 2G/3G sunset by replacing Motorola G24 modem and preserving your legacy system

The NW-4G LTE is a cellular communication modem specifically designed to allow legacy systems using Motorola G-series modems to update their connectivity from 2G/3G to 4G LTE.

NW-4G LTE Modem


NW-4G LTE is a cellular communication modem specifically designed for systems using Motorola G24.

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Adopting the NW-4G LTE modem helps you:
• Maintain your systems and only update the cellular connectivity.
• Avoid redesigning PCBs in your system
• Preserve your existing legacy system and extend its life
• Save costs associated with acquiring, testing and integrating a new system


• Instant 4G-LTE solution
• Based on u-blox TOBY L2xx LTE modem supporting multi-region and multiple carrier operations
• FCC, ISED, Rogers certified

Our Services

Our services include:
• System analysis of your current legacy system
• Additional customization for the NW-4G LTE modem to adapt to your system (if needed)
• System integration
• Firmware updates

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