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While designing a product, manufacturing may seem a far way off, though the reality is that the manufacturing strategy needs to be formulated and developed early in the design stage. At NeuronicWorks you have access to both design and manufacturing services. This makes your process of getting a product to market more seamless and efficient.

We offer turnkey manufacturing services that helps us to respond rapidly to customer requests for production. Drawing on the skills and expertise of professional, trained personnel, NeuronicWorks provides both simple and complex manufacturing solutions to industries like wearables, industrial control, agritech, cleantech, home automation and consumer electronics among others.

All our manufacturing equipment has been carefully selected and deployed in our specially designed facility to flexibly deliver custom requirements. We support you every step of the way and seamlessly work from the design stage to prototyping to product certification and low volume manufacturing. For high volume manufacturing, we support you to connect and seamlessly work with our amazing network of partners with whom we have years of strengthened relationship and ongoing business volume production.

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