NeuronicWorks Partners with InnoPhase to Bring the Future of Low-Power WiFi + BLE IoT Solutions to Your Product

Toronto, ON. July 9th, 2020

NeuronicWorks, Inc., one of Canada’s leading engineering and technology design firms, has announced a new partnership with InnoPhase. An industry-leading wireless semiconductor platform company based in San Diego, CA, InnoPhase specializes in extreme low power wireless radio solutions.

One of InnoPhase’s first partners, NeuronicWorks will now take on the role of an authorized design house, providing the expertise and training to incorporate InnoPhase’s low-power and wireless technologies in their designs. InnoPhase will likewise benefit from NeuronicWorks’ support with the introduction of this new technology, as NeuronicWorks will provide technical assistance to their customers.

InnoPhase’s unique and proprietary PolaRFusionTM technology - an innovative digital polar architecture that drastically reduces the analog content in the transceiver and provides superb low power performance. The programmable platform offers the industry’s lowest power solution to support single-band (2.4GHz) 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 (including long-range options) wireless standards, with the following key selling points:

•        Exceptionally low always connected current: A 57µA current @ DTIM=10 PS-polling while listening for WiFi beacons enables a new class of battery-powered, always-connected devices for home automation and commercial device management applications (Websockets, MQTT subscribers, and Alexa ready)

•        Complete, integrated solution: A full stack, direct to cloud connectivity, FOTA, and sample applications are all part of a comprehensive free SDK. The SDK utilizes the Talaria TWO SoC which includes an integrated WiFi+BLE radio, Arm Cortex-M3 applications MCU, 512KB SRAM, 2MB Flash memories and advanced power management, incorporated into certified modules

•        Advanced system security: The Talaria TWO supports advanced security features including a secure boot option, and a secure vault based upon SoC “fingerprint” / HDA algorithm based PUF. For hosted applications, an encrypted interface option is also available. WiFi security Protocols (WPA, WPA2, WPA3) can be supported, as well as BLE security features. Application/link level security uses TLS 1.2.

•        Hosted or Hostless applications: A STM32 host package is available to support MCU based applications, and fully embedded applications can be created using the available SDK.

“We’re thrilled to be one of the first companies to partner with InnoPhase,” said Titu Botos, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NeuronicWorks, Inc. “InnoPhase’s low-power wireless technology is ideal for smart door locks, video security cameras, thermostats, remote sensors and will enable an entirely new category of high volume, battery-powered consumer, commercial and industrial IoT applications. We’re excited that NeuronicWorks gets to help bring this technology to a wider international audience, and we’re looking forward to incorporating InnoPhase technology in our designs.”

“The partnership between NeuronicWorks and InnoPhase means we will be able to offer market-leading products that meet consumer expectations for smaller devices, extended battery life, and low power consumption,” said Botos. “With low-power wireless technology, we can design for optimized energy consumption. We can reduce WiFi power consumption by as much as eight times and increase battery life by 50 percent or more. Low-power technology also allows us to produce devices with smaller batteries, resulting in overall smaller devices but with the same performance as larger products. This means we can design more cost-effective devices for our clients and their end consumer.”

About NeuronicWorks

NeuronicWorks is a leading product design engineering and manufacturing house established in the heart of Canada’s vibrant tech community in 2009. NeuronicWorks provides end-to-end, custom electronic product development and manufacturing services all the way from initial concept, and detailed design to prototyping, certification and turnkey manufacturing.

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