NeuronicWorks partners with Torex USA Corporation (a US Subsidiary of Torex Semiconductor Ltd.) to enhance technology solution offering

Toronto, ON, December 08th, 2023

NeuronicWorks, Inc., a leading product development and manufacturing firm, is pleased to announce its partnership with Torex USA Corporation (a US Subsidiary of Torex Semiconductor Ltd.). This collaboration is aimed at broadening NeuronicWorks’ technology solution offering by leveraging Torex Semiconductor’s latest power ICs and modules. The partnership empowers NeuronicWorks to enhance its capabilities in developing battery-powered and energy-efficient applications, reducing development risks, and accelerating time-to-market.

NeuronicWorks is a full-service product development and manufacturing firm providing end-to-end solutions for customers requiring proof of concept, prototyping, or high-volume manufacturing services. With extensive experience in creating compact, battery powered designs for applications like wearables, medical devices and consumer electronics, the team at NeuronicWorks is adept at balancing the requirements of battery power and efficiency.

Torex Semiconductor, known for its expertise in CMOS power management ICs and specialization in CMOS analog technology, provides a range of solutions including LDO voltage regulators, voltage detectors, and miniature DC/DC converters and chipset modules.

“We are very happy to be partnering with Torex Semiconductor to augment our design and manufacturing capabilities with the latest, ultra-small package, impactful power solutions. With the dynamic needs of electronic development today, it is important that we have strong partnerships with component manufacturers who deliver on both quality and innovation”, said Titu Botos, CEO and Co-Founder of NeuronicWorks.

“We are honored to be partnering with NeuronicWorks and excited to be part of a wide range of NeuronicWorks designs.. Power sensitivity and size constraints are always challenges on battery-powered designs and we believe that Torex innovative low-power solution such as coil integrated micro DC/DC helps to minimize board space and maximize battery life in a wide range of applications,” said Tom Bando, CEO of Torex USA.

More information about NeuronicWorks’ network of industry partnerships can be found here. If you would like to know more about this partnership, please reach us at

About Torex

Founded in 1995, Torex Semiconductor Ltd is a leading provider of CMOS power management ICs aimed at battery powered and energy efficient applications. Specializing in cutting edge CMOS analog technology, DC/DC converters, LDO Voltage Regulators and Voltage Supervisors are at the core of our product range, but the company’s broad portfolio also includes power MOSFET, Diodes and Battery Charger ICs. While the company’s corporate headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan, it operates a worldwide network of sales offices in key markets throughout Asia, Europe and Americas with design centers in Asia and the US. Torex is a company with a global outlook and a commitment to offering high quality, competitive and sophisticated solutions for a wide range of applications. Please visit us at

About NeuronicWorks

NeuronicWorks is a leading product design engineering and manufacturing house established in the heart of Canada’s vibrant tech community in 2009. NeuronicWorks provides end-to-end, custom electronic product development and manufacturing services all the way from initial concept, and detailed design to prototyping, certification and turnkey manufacturing.

NeuronicWorks Inc. is certified by the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and is also IPC and ISO 9001 certified. Our talented, customer-oriented designers and engineers are committed to excellence and standards of practice that are the hallmark of professional engineering. We also have a strong network of partners comprising of major suppliers and technology providers from around the world.

With product development and manufacturing capabilities provided under one roof, we offer our customers a seamless, efficient and personalized product development experience.

Please visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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