NeuronicWorks Partners with Ignion to Accelerate IoT Device Designs with Virtual Antenna ™ solution

Toronto, Ontario, June 17th, 2022

NeuronicWorks, Inc., a leading engineering and technology design firm, today announced a new partnership with Ignion, global antenna innovator, to revolutionize and accelerate the design and development of innovative IoT devices with the Virtual Antenna® technology.

The number of wireless connected devices is growing exponentially by the day giving rise to innovations in antenna technology. The innovative Virtual Antenna® technology from Ignion, allows for faster, easier design of wireless connected devices with a competitive advantage built-in regardless of the size, communication standard or configuration.

NeuronicWorks will benefit from Ignion’s antenna technology that is both versatile and scalable and which will reduce development time considerably thanks to Ignion’s Antenna Intelligence Cloud. There is also the added advantage of designing using standard antenna components that can then be configured and customized for specific designs. The tiny size of the antennas will especially be beneficial while designing small form factor high-performance, multi-band IoT devices.

“Designing connected devices is what we do every day at NeuronicWorks. Partnering with Ignion came naturally and will help us expand our technological resources. Using their off-the-shelf antenna components will help us accelerate not just designing and prototyping, but also manufacturing. We look forward to the great possibilities ahead.” said Titu Botos, CEO of NeuronicWorks.

“Ignion’s unique Virtual Antenna® technology helps companies completely change their approach to antenna and device design. Working with technology experts like NeuronicWorks is a great step towards accelerating the complete design process and manufacturing of devices for partners around the world; time to market is significantly reduced as are the risks related to late antenna integration. We very much look forward to working with the NW team and their end customers.” said Dan Klaeren, VP Global Sales, Ignion.

More information about NeuronicWorks’ network of industry partnerships can be found here. If you would like to know more about this partnership, please reach us at

About Ignion

A proven approach disrupting the IoT antenna market

We are Ignion and we are reshaping the world’s IoT connectivity. A global antenna innovator with proven manufacturing capabilities to scale and create the new generation of multiband, multipurpose and ready-to-use, chip antennas. Ignion´s mission is to accelerate IoT and empower the ecosystem with off-the-shelf antenna solutions. Using our Virtual Antenna® technology, customers and partners considerably reduce the risks associated with antenna design and integration. For more info on how our technology can help you accelerate your device development, please visit our website at

About NeuronicWorks

NeuronicWorks is a leading product design engineering and manufacturing house established in the heart of Canada’s vibrant tech community in 2009. NeuronicWorks provides end-to-end, custom electronic product development and manufacturing services all the way from initial concept, and detailed design to prototyping, certification and turnkey manufacturing.

NeuronicWorks Inc. is certified by the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and is also IPC and ISO 9001 certified. Our talented, customer-oriented designers and engineers are committed to excellence and standards of practice that are the hallmark of professional engineering. We also have a strong network of partners comprising of major suppliers and technology providers from around the world.

With product development and manufacturing capabilities provided under one roof, we offer our customers a seamless, efficient and personalized product development experience.

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