Work Life

Daily Stand-up Meetings: We have daily internal meetings with the development team to make sure everyone is up to speed on projects.

Daily Closing Status: At the end of the day, developers send a short email to the Project Manager to notify what was achieved during that day. This helps the PM have a clear picture of the project’s status.

Weekly Customer Meetings: We continue to have weekly meetings with the customer and the development team to make sure we maintain a clear and transparent communication. We use meeting portals like WebEx, Zoo, Google Hangout, Jitsi, and GotoMeetings.

Project Channel: Every project has a Mattermost channel (our preferred communication tool). All the team members involved in the project communicate through the channel, so everyone is in the loop with any project related topics.

Team Training: Constant training on the latest technologies, components, and solutions on the market via seminars and conferences are an essential resource for our team. Thankfully, with the support of our partners, we’ve been able to translate the seminars to an online format so that our engineers are up to date with the latest developments and trends.

Team Life

The Challenge: Engage the team with a daily challenge. It might be “Who has the best home workstation?” or “Show me your breakfast or lunch,” to see who has the most (or least!) elaborate dish. It’s a quick, fun way to build comradery. The latest challenge was “Let’s wear something red”, with everyone sending in selfies of their outfits. The creativity and range of ideas showed our engagement.

Trivia: We do trivia challenges every two weeks. All our employees connect to answer a ten-question trivia quiz about company updates and news, our company culture, and internal fun facts. We use the Quizizz app to make this happen.

Stretch & Relax: Twice a week for 15 minutes we run a short exercise routine for people who want to stretch, relax, and take a break with some good music. Routine: 6 minutes for warm up, 4 minutes of light cardio, 6 minutes to relax. Our “coach” is one of our team members who has a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

Virtual Coffee Break: Without a kitchen where we can share a coffee and nice conversation, we created a virtual coffee break. Twice a week we have 15 minutes of “free-topic” conversation to connect with the team, while we drink our preferred beverage and have a snack.

State of the Union: We couldn’t do without our weekly Friday meeting, so we went digital. The whole team connects at same time to learn about all the projects and company updates of the week, important company milestones, upcoming news and events, and an open mic session for anyone who wants to share any important information with the team.

Town Square Channel: This is a Mattermost channel everyone is part of. We start our day by “checking in” and greeting everybody else. Sometimes this morning ritual takes a multi-cultural turn, when we use our mother tongue to salute others. In Town Square everyone is encouraged to share her or his personality with a joke, a funny video, or just funny comments that more often than not snowball in a team conversation.

Neuronic-Ton: Activities are always more fun when you add competition, especially when you have a team of inventive engineers and designers involved. We decided to reinvigorate some of our daily activities by creating a contest called “Neuronic-Ton”. Each activity, such as The Challenge, awards winners with NeuronicPoints. At the end of the month, the first, second and third places will receive Amazon cards to enjoy.

We hope our list helps you as an inspiration to make working from home a better, more productive, and more fun experience for your team. If you have any ideas you would like to share with us, we would love to hear them! Email us at

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