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Where hardware and software coexists.

Our team of firmware engineers specialize in the development and design of software for embedded systems. Let us apply our knowledge to design firmware that ensures your hardware works as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We can develop the solution for your needs - whether it is to make the most of the hardware’s limited resources or to optimize its performance for real time processing.

Proficiencies: C, LINUX and VHDL

Requirements synthesis.

Acknowledging what is necessary of the firmware is crucial for its development. Documentation of requirements allows for an organized workflow guaranteed to deliver accountable results.

Fault prevention.

The structure of the code or otherwise known now as the “coding style” plays a huge role in the reduction and prevention of bugs. We always keep the future in mind.


Let us create the necessary drivers for your custom hardware device to ensure it functions correctly, efficiently and smoothly as a standalone system or as part of a more complex system.

In-house experts.

Our team of engineers have experience with various protocols and algorithms, which make us confident in our ability to create functional solutions.

We have hands-on experience with:

Throughout the years, our electrical engineering team has created many on-board solutions with embedded chipsets. Our team of firmware engineers have experience with numerous embedded processors, including those from Silicon Labs, STMicroelectonics, Murata, TI, Microchip and ATMEL. We use mostly C/C++ for a variety of platforms, as well as low and high level languages for bare-bone and embedded environments (Linux).