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It is important to validate and test your idea and get feedback from customers early. That is why prototype is the first thing you should do. Just a simple mock-up and proof-of-concept prototype can be invaluable source of information. Working minimal viable product (MVP) is enough to determine the optimal functionality, to test blind spots in your product design and to determine customer’s needs.

We will help you to turn your idea into a feasible mock-up in the most time-and-cost-efficient way. You will be able to test and improve your product idea without spending thousands of dollars. Gradual product improvements show progress and dedication and are more likely to succeed in the marketplace. From the mock-up stage you can adjust your design and move on to a higher resolution prototype version that will closely resemble the final look and shape of your product.

We use our network of trusted 3D printing partners to turn your product design into reality as soon as possible. We will help you with the optimal material and printer type selection that is suitable for your product end-use.

If you are struggling with prototyping your product idea, our team of in-house engineers and designers might be able to help!

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