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It Matters What’s Inside.

Our hardware engineers are industry veterans when it comes to designing what’s under the hood. Hardware design is our forte! From micro power to kW systems, from instrumentation to control, from analog to digital or mixed circuitry, we know what it takes to make things work from the ground up. Taking into account your specific requirements, we will design the best possible hardware components that will build the foundation for your project.

Proficiencies: OrCAD, PADS, Altium, EAGLE, HyperLynx


Before commencing, we will brainstorm and try out ideas to find a solution to your riddle. In a Frankenstein-ish style, we will use anything but duct tape… (Maybe even duct tape if required). Proof of concept at an early stage is an essential step forward on the path to success.

Schematic diagrams.

We will design the necessary blueprints required to drive your project. From ultra-low power to KW systems, from low noise to switching circuits, from analog and digital to mixed circuitry we are ready to tackle any hardware hurtle. Each component in the circuit will be strategically chosen based on performance, quality, availability, and last but not least, budget.

PCB Layout design.

Component placement is essential for the “flow” of the board and for system functionality, along with proper thermal management and to achieve low noise performance. We have designed PCB board layouts varying from 1 to 16 layers, 4 mils, buried vias, matching impedances and high speed digital. We have also designed boards that can feed in an excess of 32A or can sustain high voltages. We also have experience designing boards that optimize space within its enclosure, that work in extreme temperatures and that are mass produced.

Prototyping assembly.

Assembling the prototyping is one of the most rewarding steps of the process. Seeing the final pieces of the puzzle come together is priceless. We assemble the pieces together: PCB assembly both SMD and through-hole components, wire harnesses, chassis and case assembly.

Bring up.

Otherwise known as the “smoke test”, the board bring up phase is a key milestone on the prototyping journey. While it can be a challenging process, especially for complex systems, the board or system bring-up is the most fulfilling stage as your product comes to life for the first time.

Integration and testing.

After the first bring-up test, we ensure that integration with firmware, software and the mechanics is seamless. We build your system one component at a time, increasing complexity with every step. We always verify correct functionality alongside the requirements list to ensure a successful delivery.

Always stay connected.

Anything connectivity related, we have you covered: UART, I2C, SPI, I2S, ZigBee, Thread, BT, WiFi. With everything becoming connected to everything, the necessity for quality IoT (Internet of Things) devices is skyrocketing. We can help you make the next best thing.

Name any type of sensor.

Chances are we’ve used it before. And if not, we’d love to hear about it. We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of technology and it’s our duty to become as knowledgeable as possible.

Specific sensors that we have used in the past include: